Dormer Window With Shutters

The reason that this dormer window has shutters, is to protect the glass during hurricane season.  Note the reproduction vintage shutter stops (the black f-shaped things holding the shutters open).  Marina Village - Architect Jackson Burnside.

British Colonial Pillars & Doorway

Note the doorway and the pillars. This is British Colonial which is a synthesis of Georgian architecture and other things.  If you are a follower of this blog, you would know that pink building in the Bahamas means government building and indeed this is the judges entrance to the Supreme Court.  This accounts for the ornateness.

Mediterranean-style House

I photographed this charming stucco (and probably concrete block) house on the French Riviera. I like the domed doors, the shutters, the narrow window to keep out the heat and the colorful stucco.  The pollarded trees add a nice touch (pollarding is the excessive pruning of all small branches right to the trunk).

Turn-of-the-Century French Apartment Buildings

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These apartment building went up around the turn of the last century in France.  There are no elevators, so they are limited to four floors.  The building on the left has an arched doorway.  The one one the right is a little more ritzier. It has the keystones above the windows and the corbels under the balconies.  In times gone by, you were considered made if you could sell your farm and move into an apartment into the town or city. Apartments were a status symbol.

Neo-Classical Facade on Luxury Item Shop

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These neo-classical features on a luxury item shop are intended to give the impression of wealth, learning, and finer things in life.  The building is fairly modern in a shopping mecca.

Tropical Home Bar

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It is considered passé to have a bar in a home as an entertainment center, unless you belong to the Baby Boomer demographic or urban chic, but this one was built in a luxury home in the tropics.

French Riviera Commercial Shops

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This is a shop on the French Riviera.  Note that the look maintains the Mediterranean look with the ocher stucco, arches and tile roof, and yet you can see the traditional French in the long narrow window, and the huge corbels supporting the tile roof.

Geometric Shape For Fence Post

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This fence post made of geometric shapes is almost a sculpture.  The chain fence is a nice touch as well.

Stone Mailbox In Garden Wall

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This one is new for me.  I have never seen a mailbox made of stone -- field stone to be exact and incorporated into a garden wall.  Unique and charming, I'd say.

Tudor-Style with Unique Curved Dormer Window

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This attractive Tudor style, waterfront home has attractive roof lines, and a unique dormer that is not square but arched and curved.  It is beautiful.  The stone wall defining the porch fits in stylistically as well.

Classical French Hotel Design

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For a couple of hundred years, classical hotel design in France is embodied in the above picture.  It is the Grand Hotel Roi Reni in Aix-en-Provence, France.  These hotels typically have the high French windows, the entablature, and stone decorations at the edges.  They typically did not have many floors because of primitive or non-existent elevator technology.

French Antique Shutter Latch

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I love little architectural details like this antique shutter latch.  The home made hinge too is rather funky as it the shutter stop little block of wood.

Reed Sunscreen on Pergola

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A pergola adds to any architecture design, but this particular one is quite clever.  In the tropics, the sun beats down all day and you want shade under your pergola, especially if the vines are not established enough to give shade.  What has been done here, is that a natural reed or mat fiber has been used in a very loose weave to create a sunscreen and shade.  Clever.  The same can be done with synthetic materials.

Corbels Make Entablature

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This is really ornate brickwork in a small town.  There is stone for the window ledges. The window awnings are vintage.  A whole bunch of corbels make an entablature and dress up the soffit. The roof is synthetic tile.  It looks 1950's but could be earlier.

Angles, Ocher and Window Bars

I was fascinated with several elements of architecture in this photo.  First of all, I noticed the strange angles of the walls.  They add charm.  Then you have the window bars.  I love them as a design element.  You have the ocher stucco and mortar, and finally you have an open air balcony covered with a roof.

Architecture Fail - Clapboard House, Stone Screened-In Porch

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This is an architecture fail, and engenders a "What were they thinking?" moment.  You have a heritage, wooden clapboard house.  A screened-in porch was added.  Then they added stone to the screened-in porch. It's not like it's going to make the whole house look grander.  Fail!

Old Stone Barn - France

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I was cruising the backroads of the south of France, and I came upon this scene.  Not only is it picturesque, but I was amazed at finding an old stone barn of cut stone.

Turn-of-The-Century Scottish Apartments

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These Scottish apartments were photographed in the town of Rosneath from the ferry wharf.  Some of the buildings have commercial enterprises on the ground floor.  These apartments were built to last.  The multiple chimneys indicates that they were originally without central heating.

Tudor Style Pub

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This is a typical Tudor Style pub.  The features are visible timber in-filled with stucco.  In real Tudor style, the timbers are real.  In modern incarnations, the Tudor Style is just a facade.

Round Turret Turns Hexagonal

This turret starts out round at the bottom and turns hexagonal at the top. It is in Dunoon at the Benmore Gardens and the house is Scottish Baronial. The turret is unique.

Amazing Over-Decorated Victorian House/Store & Restaurant

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Wow.  This Victorian house converted to a restaurant and store has every single possible decoration.  I see a facade, an entablature, dentiled and dentillation, balcony, widow walk, parclose, pillars porch, name it -- it is there.

This building is located in a tourist town on the Saint Lawrence River.

Stone Building Internal Supports

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In my pictures of stone buildings in France, I have shown the iron butterflies or the big washers on stone buildings that terminate steel rods that hold stone walls together.  I found this round example in North America on a town hall built by expatriate Scottish stone masons in the 19th century.  The difference is that this one is a round plate instead of an "X" shape or an iron butterfly.

Double Pillars ~ Cloisters Detail

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These are the 12th Century French Cloisters brought to the Bahamas by Huntington Hartford III.  They are double-pillar marble columns.  Beautiful.

Architectural Oddity - Square Lighthouses

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The Canadian Maritime provinces have some unique lighthouses that are square.  They are of timber construction and that is probably the reason why they are square.  The joinery is simpler.  They are quite scenic though.

Interesting 1930's Apartments

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I took this picture right into the sun, so you will have to excuse the quality.  I suspect that these apartments were built in the 1930's or late 1920's.  They have neo-Romanesque features, fake columns, arched windows and features indicating a hint of Art-Deco.